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There are many new properties launched frequently and buyers are spoilt for choice. However, as many of us are busy with our daily lives, we seldom have the time to analyse the real estate market to make the right choices.

Here at iggyhomes, we endeavour to curate a selection of properties that make sense, whether you are a homemaker looking for the one that best fits your needs (and mind you, there are no perfect homes, but a few come very close to perfection) or an investor looking for rental yield and capital gain.

Therefore, you will not find every single project in our website. Nope, you will only find those that we feel make sense, that we absolutely love and would buy ourselves!

So, welcome to iggyhomes, we hope you like these properties as much as we do, and whenever you have any question regarding any of them, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Just fill out the form or call the contact numbers and we’d be more than happy to serve you.

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Note – we do not collect commission from any of our recommendations below. They are here because they are proper sources of information or if we or our clients have used their services and have expressed satisfaction.

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