Freehold properties offer long term investment opportunities. In Singapore, new freehold land is obtained through enbloc sale or redevelopment. No more new freehold land is being sold by the government for development. All new government land sales (GLS) are 99-year leasehold. As such, freehold properties will become rarer as land is scarce and enbloc sales in recent years have not generated new sites for development. That is why these properties often command a price premium especially those located near to MRT lines or in prime districts.

The properties listed here are those that I feel are desirable, whether for their exquisite design, their practicality or where they are located for optimal investment. I’m afraid not all well-designed properties in Singapore are listed here. It will take time for me to find them and share with you. And I promise I will do that consistently so that you, as a home buyer, can get as much good information as possible.

You will also find that many of these properties are located in prime districts of 9, 10, 11, 15 and 21. That is because freehold properties in other districts are rarer. However, I assure you that if I find great properties in other districts, I will be sure to include in my website.

In this category, I have divided the properties into 2 main groups: Intimate and Comprehensive. Intimate condos come with 120 or fewer apartments and are more private and cozy. Often, they also have fewer facilities and cost more to maintain. Comprehensive condos usually have more apartments but come with more facilities and thus lower maintenance costs.

All properties listed here are at least 999 leasehold, estate in fee simple or estate in perpetuity.

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